Our new Digital Marquee

Invite to Unveiling
September 19th, 2014


The Imperial Theatre would like to invite our sponsors, supporters and patrons  to the unveiling of our new digital marquee on Friday September 26 at 4:30 pm followed by a short wine and cheese reception.

This marquee is Theatre Sarnia's legacy project in honour of the City of Sarnia's 100th birthday, and was made possible thanks to a one-time $60,000 donation from the Imperial Foundation.

The state of the art LED digital sign creates a better experience for our customers and allows us to communicate with greater flexibility about the wonderful events and performances that occur at the Imperial Theatre.

The current marquee manual sign has existed since 1936 and its digital replacement allows the Theatre to communicate to the public in a more modern way while adding an exciting feel to the Sarnia downtown core.

We look forward to seeing you at this event on Friday.



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