Help us realise our Dream to be the Best in Ontario

at Theatre Ontario Festival
March 27th, 2015


Theatre Sarnia is one of the longest running Theatre Groups in Canada,now in our 88th season. We recently had the honour of attending the Western Ontario Drama League Festival in Owen Sound. We are so proud of our company for winning the following awards for our production of The Clean House :

                             Ashley Carlisle received a special Adjudicator award

                             Best Visual Production

                             Best Co-ordinated Production

                             Best Actress (Henri Canino)

                             Best Overall Production

Historically, Theatre Sarnia has been very successful when competing at the regional festivals, In fact this group has won a spot in the Western Ontario Drama League festival every year for the last 7 years. This is quite an accomplishment ! However in our 88 years of existence, we have advanced to the Provincial level only a handful of times.

This annual Theatre Ontario festival is a showcase of outstanding community theatre productions that have been chosen as the best from regions across the Province. Theatre Sarnia is certainly proud to be part of this celebration of theatre excellence ! We have our work cut out for us !

Now the next step is going to take some planning and preparation. Since we have moved on to the Provincial level at the Theatre Ontario festival in Oshawa on the Victoria Day weekend, we need to fundraise to help with expenses. Our hope is to raise $6500 to cover these costs.

We would appreciate your help !

Contributions can be made at the in person at the Box Office, by Phone or On-Line at

Thank You !

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