EVER WONDERED...Who Does What ?

Feb. 19, 2018


The person who has the ultimate responsibility for the interpretation of the script through his/her control of the actors and supporting production team.


The person responsible for raising the finance to stage a show and then generally running the business side.


Person (male or female) whose role is to play a character other than his/her own. Although the term 'actress' is still used for a female actor, many women prefer to have the same title as the men.

Stage Manager

The member of the production team responsible for the smooth running of a performance. Before a production opens the Stage Manager attends rehearsals and meetings with other members of the production, and in smaller companies is often the coordinator of all of the various aspects of the production. During the performance the Stage Manager, using a copy of the script annotated during rehearsals, cues the actors and the various technical departments.

Lighting Designer

The person responsible for deciding in conjunction with other members of the production team, and executing, the lighting design.

Set Designer

The member of the artistic team for a show who works with the Director to create the scenic 'look' for the stage throughout the show and any accompanying props. The Set Designer works with the Producer to ensure the design stays within the budget. Set Design is sometimes called 'Décor'.

Sound Designer

The member of the production team who has the responsibility for planning and executing the layout of all sound playback and reinforcement equipment for the show. This role also includes the sourcing of music and sound effects for the production.

Costume Designer

The member of the artistic team who determines the clothing and accessories worn by an actor to signify period and portray character. While scenery and effects are important to a production, costume can often be more important to an actor's creation of a role.

Stage Crew

Members of the production team who are responsible for moving props and/or scenery during the show, and for ensuring that items under their responsibility are working correctly and properly maintained.

Set Construction Crew

Members of the production crew responsible for building the set, assembling on stage and removal following the production run.