9:00 pm : SWIFF - Sweet Country

November 3rd, 2017

Sweet Country may sound idyllic, but the Northern Territory frontier of 1929’s Australia is dry, harsh, and unforgiving. This Outback Western takes its narrative from the annals of true crime, following the relentless chase of an Aboriginal man (Hamilton Morris) whose fatal act of self-defence becomes the catalyst for racist condemnation.

Winner of TIFF’s Platform Prize this year, the resulting pursuit provides director Warwick Thornton the opportunity to film the land with panoramic observance, instilling the story—and its cruel, arid backdrop—with a natural reverence and uncommon beauty. With themes of social injustice that echo still today, Sweet Country is more than a brutally stunning commentary on colonialism: It’s a dangerous tale of law and disorder.





Sep 13
Production Manager
Sep 8
Fall 2017

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